How to masterbate, the ejaculation guide book for achieve multiple (full body) orgasms, How to last longer in bed- by exercise, How to locate 5 G-spots in Females & Males
Holistic Massage- ITEC (UK) qualification of Maya Wang

Maya Wang 

Maya Wang has recently selected and recognized as a Top Professional in Sensuality Therapy by most leading authorities of ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.Wang has practiced Manhood Therapy for more than a decade. She has so much to tell about our amazing body that has never been discovered…

  • Male and Female have almost the same G-spots locations, she has named them “Y-zone G-spots”. She has discovered there are 4 G-spots in Male and 5 G-spots in Female.
  • Beside Males gain their orgasms from the penis, there are another two resources that Males are able to achieve their orgasms. She has named them “The Three Level Orgasms”.
  • Males are able to stop (delay, pause) their Ejaculation technically by holding “Mantra Delaying Cords (MDC)” and combine with other techniques.
  • A new intercourse position called “Maya Bliss”.

Maya Wang resides in Singapore, holds a Diploma in Holistic Massage- ITEC (UK) Qualification Certificate, is a professional body therapist. She studied Traditional Chinese Body Massage in 1996 and had special training courses for Lingam Massage in Singapore in 1999.

Her years of experience have been enriched by techniques and expertise in Thai Massage, Swedish Massage, Japanese Shiatsu, Balinese Massage, Javanese Massage, and Ayurveda healing. She has drawn knowledge from these essential styles and combined them with her own creative methods to form a unique, full body, professional therapy for males named Mantra Therapy. Mantra Therapy is most like Tantric Massage.

On the basis of her more than ten thousand Manhood Therapy sessions, she has created Mantra Gym.

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My name is Maya Wang, I am a professional body therapist and
author of book MANTRA GYM

During my practice of Swedish Body Massage and Manhood Therapy (Juagen),

I have gained experience with thousands of clients from all over the world.

With my world-of-mouth client base,
I have always been encouraged by their amazing feed back…