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Maya Wang has recently selected and recognized as a Top Professional in Sensuality Therapy by most particular news channels on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. Wang has practiced Manhood Therapy more than a decade. She has so much to tell about our amazing body that have never been discovered… Male and Female have almost the same G-spots locations, she has named them “Y-zone G-spots”. There are 4 G-spots in Male and 5 G-spots in Female. Beside Males gain their orgasms from the penis, there are another two resources that Males are able to achieve their orgasms. She has named them “The Three Level Orgasms”. Males are able to stop (delay, pause) their Ejaculation technically by holding “Mantra Delaying Cords” and combine with other techniques. On the basis of her more than ten thousand Manhood Therapy sessions, she has created Mantra Gym. For more information about Maya Wang and her practice, please visit www.myMantraSG.com

How I Have Found 4 G-spots in Men, And It Led Me Found 5 G-spots in Women!

You might wonder: “How come men may have 4 G-spots and women have 5? I know women have got 1 G-spot, but I don’t know exactly where it is!”

Well, let me share with you my extraordinary discoveries of our sexuality.

I’m a sensuality body therapist, provide Lingam (Manhood) Massage and Prostate Massage. I learned these secret skills in 1999 from a gentleman who I met in Singapore. I’ve developed it from those basic techniques and named it Mantra Therapy. Since then, I have served thousands and thousands of male clients from all over the world with these unique skills.

In the Lingam Massage part, I use a technique that I’ve named the Mantra Delaying Cords (MDC) to control a man’s ejaculation and make him achieve Multiple-orgasms.

In the Prostate Massage part, I stimulate the prostate, which leads the man to achieve high-level Full-body-orgasm.

Most clients have indeed achieved Full-body-orgasm. These are some of the ways they have described the feeling:

  • The orgasm was not from my penis.
  • I felt like electricity shooting from my inner core to all over my body, to my fingertips, to my toes, to my head.
  • I felt tingling, trembling.
  • I have never had these feelings in my whole life; it’s better than sex.
    (I replied to him: Sex is good, what I did it is with magic, they are just different, we need them both)
  • I felt a fireball exploding inside me.
  • The orgasm was everywhere in my body.

And also gave me some other feedback about sexual abilities enhanced:

  • My morning erection was back right after the next day morning of your treatment.
  • I always have better sex after your sessions.
  • You brought my libido back.
  • My urination is so smooth after your treatment.
  • My erection is harder than before, and I have the energy to hold it longer than I used to.
  • You have created a monster.

I’ve been receiving a lot more encouraging feedback from my clients from time to time.

In the early period of my practice, I made a client achieve Double-wet-ejaculations by stimulating his prostate. The two ejaculations happened just a few moments apart. I usually made one that lasts few minutes; this was my first time, and I can’t say I made it on purpose. After this, I tried to repeat this on the same person and others, but I couldn’t make it happen again. But it made me think that there must have been some point or that there was some spot that I was not stimulating.

Besides those fantastic results, I’ve been conscious that our sexuality is far more complex than we realize, and I sensed men and women had something in common. The man’s anus is so sensitive from both the outside and inside when it is arousing. It even secretes lubricating fluids just like a vagina in motion!

The years went by…, and at the end of 2013, I started to write Mantra Gym. There is a mission inside of me to pass my unique sexual messages to everyone in need. Our body is capable of many possibilities that I’ve experienced every day, but the world isn’t widely aware of yet; this is a matter for everyone. To describe the prostate part was challenging, and I took more time for this part than the others. I was not satisfied to say that it was prostate milking.

I practised Mantra Therapy techniques every day then wrote them down with a full focus on this part even when I was off work, having meals, and sleeping. I couldn’t get it out of my head for a single moment. I finally got inspiration from the Perineum. It was like a lightning flash in my head; suddenly, it all made sense to me why that client had had a Double-wet-ejaculations a few years back. It was because of the G-spots! I had somehow, accidentally, randomly massaged his G-spots and triggered it!

This breakthrough discovery did my practice on the prostate part a huge leap. I’ve made my clients (who are comfortable and enjoy the penetration) achieve Multiple-full-body-orgasms when they are under my control.

Here is what I do, besides stimulating on the prostate, while also stimulating on the 4 G-spots combined with my delaying method that would lead men to achieve episodic dry and/or wet Mixed-full-body-orgasms. My clients need to comply with me to breathe by following my lead and adjusting the breathing volume and speed.

Then the magic happens! Often during stimulation of the prostate and the 4 G-spots as this TARGETED stimulation is much more effective.

Here is a few case study: 

  • DURING THE PROSTATE MASSAGE PART, Mr A, a 30-years-old man, achieved a Dry-full-body-orgasm at first (he felt the full body in orgasm but without ejaculation).
    The second one was Wet-full-body-orgasm (he felt the full body in orgasm, this time with ejaculation).
    His third orgasm was a repeat of the first Dry-full-body-orgasm.
    Mr A had 5 sessions with me. He gained multiple dry and wet Mixed-full-body-orgasms in every session since I stimulated his 4 G-spots.
  • Mr B, a 36-years-old man, during the external Lingam Massage, I used Mantra Delaying Cords (MDC) to control his ejaculation. When he was about to ejaculate, I paused it… At this point, he felt a portion of orgasm (he gained a Dry-orgasm); I rebuilt some sensation again… then he felt about to ejaculate soon… I used MDC to delay it again and… again and again… He had 6 times Dry-orgasms (he felt 6-time orgasms without ejaculation). My highest record for this was 11 times was with another client. 
    During stimulating his prostate, I massaged his 4 G-spots and prostate; he gained Multiple-wet-full-body-orgasms by ejaculating twice.
    He had 7 sessions with me and started to learn to use breathing to control his ejaculation.
  • Mr C, a 47-years-old man. I served him in 40 sessions since 2011 and even learned some things from him. He had already experienced and enjoyed Prostate Massage very much before we met.
    Before I found 4 G-spots, he could achieve the most kind of orgasms. But now, we make more. When I stimulated his prostate and 4 G-spots, there was some transparent jelly secreted out. It’s a different type of secretion. I only see it from him. By stimulating the area again, he ejaculated water with great power…; the water was shooting out… He started squirting… Wow, I couldn’t believe that a man could do this and was caused by me. Amazing!

I had never experienced and was frankly not convinced about female squirting before, but from that moment, I believed.

I’ve seen men having so much pleasure during my session every day. When the prostate and the 4 G-spots in the stimulation, the anus is like a vagina in motion. So women must have those G-spots as well; they must have! After I’ve done some tests and found out that women have 5 G-spots and the locations are pretty much the same as in men…!

In Mantra Gym, I pass all my skills to you, to the world. Because I’d love everyone to know themselves as well as possible and to enjoy our body’s natural pleasure, whether you are a woman or a man, single or…. You will benefit from the Mantra Gym and can become a more attractive person. You may use the skills for yourself or for your partner to develop your full sexuality as a human being. So the value of the Mantra Gym is not only about the G-spots.

What I have written here is just an appetizer. You’ve got to check what other sexuality that I discovered now!

And I’ve sensed there are 2 more G-spots in women. So I hope you will be inspired by Mantra Gym and on your journey to exploring the other 2 G-spots for me. Are you going to take over from me? Well, first, you’ve got to read our Mantra Gym now!

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Mantra-Gym_How to find Male and Female G-spots

Mantra Gym Book Cover Mantra Gym
Maya Wang
Atma Image Publishing
May 18, 2015
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A Self JuenGen Guide Book

Sex Drive Exercise to Prevent Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction and Penis Enlargement and How to Stimulate Male (Female) G-spots for Multiple Orgasms and Multiple Ejaculations.

The book is from thousands of therapy sessions, then benefits back to everyone for all time.

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Launch Post – My hands

How I Made Mantra Gym…

I’m so glad after more than nine months of hard work, finally, published the Mantra Gym. I put my passion, my love, and my knowledge into the book.

In December 2013, from the moment that I decided to create Mantra Gym, it had never been off my mind for a single moment. There is a need inside me to pass my message on for helping people. I have been through some significant changes in my life, but nothing compares to becoming an author or writing a book like this. It has been the biggest challenge in my life.

In the year of 2010, I started plans to publish a book of my techniques. At that time the thought was not Mantra Gym. It was Mantra Therapy about to coach masseuse with my unique professional knowledge from theory to practice. All that time, I’ve got encouraged and believed my therapy would be useful to people and wanted to teach masseuse or ladies how to give proper manhood and prostate massage. More masseuse with my skills that would help more gentlemen for their sexual issues; more ladies with my unique magic sex tips would be more fun for please their partners in bed. I constructed a script and a video to demonstrate how to perform Mantra Therapy. However, when I reviewed the footage, I changed my mind and didn’t want to publish it. All because of my hands. I just felt like that pair of hand in the video were not mine. I felt my hands did not look nice. I wished they were slim with long beautiful fingers even though I was told millions of times how wonderful, how smooth, and amazing with the magic gift my hands are, I still could not continue.

Now that I look back on those scripts and footage, I must thank my hands. If I gave a review of those outcomes, I would have thought that were made by a high school student. The results now are much more matured, I can say I am a pro now! Especially during the last nine month while creating Mantra Gym, I have gained a greater working knowledge of The Third-Level-Orgasm about engaging with the prostate. I have put a lot of thoughts and time during my practice into focusing on this part, concentrating on how to show all about it. Well, it turned out that I have become proficient at controlling the ejaculation (most of the time) to let my clients achieve Multiple-full-body-orgasms on The Third Level.

I remember that I only made a double wet-ejaculations by stimulating the prostate on The Third Level; it was one time only. The wet ejaculation happened again in 4-5 second after the first; It was a long time ago, and it just happened. I can’t say that it happened on my purpose. After that, no matter how I tried to make it repeated on the same person, it never worked. But now, it happens often on a male fits certain conditions. I can master a man’s ejaculation to achieve Multiple-orgasms since I have discovered there are four locations of the male G-spots in the anus. Mastering the ejaculation on The Third Level is different from delaying ejaculation on The First Level on the outside of manhood part.

So let’s thank my hands together. Let’s discover our amazing body’s sexual abilities together. I do believe once you read and practice my Mantra Gym, you will find a new you. Once you get into the ways, you will be able to accomplish even more than what I show you here. On some points, you know your body better me.

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