Mantra Gym:
First eBook for Coach Men-self Manhood Massage

Men-self JuaGen, Manhood Massage for those who want “Last Longer in Bed,” “Keep an Erection Firm,” “Increase Penis Size,” “Stop Premature Ejaculation,” “Have Hardcore Sex,” and more…

I’m the book Mantra Gym author Maya Wang; with over 12 thousand manhood therapy sessions across 15 years, my sex tips are unique and easy to follow, and the results are excellent.

I’ve had so many amazing discoveries of our sexuality that will inspire you, GUARANTEED!

Mantra Gym is a comprehensive sex education book for everyone!

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My Amazing Book: People Do Get The Help!

Awesome Book Can’t say enough about Mantra Gym. The first part, Theory of Sensuality, contends that men and women have almost the same G-spot locations; it sounded unbelievable but made sense after reading through. I can easily see the benefits. Especially using MDC for delaying ejaculation to get multiple orgasms worked well for me. I just followed Part Two iGym to practice. Now I can stop my ejaculations as needed and say bye-bye to my Premature ejaculation!!! The whole book led me to a greater knowledge of my body than I have ever experienced before. Also, I have never seen any illustrations that show the male and female Reproductive System like that! There are too many “never experienced”. I learned a lot from the book. Thanks, Miss Maya! ……  from Google Play User Review 2015
I bought Mantra Gym, and I would like to recommend it to everyone. I’m curious about Maya’s secret skills and want to learn about the gym to maintain good health. I love this book, and it’s awesome.
The book is easy to understand and tells the things are so true. I used to think I had premature ejaculation, but Maya read my mind and pointed out the reasons in our session. The book and the session have changed my life. Thanks.
Dear Maya, your book helps me a lot to understand a man. My boyfriend couldn’t last long enough to make me orgasm, so he felt “useless”. Since we’ve read your book, we have found many ways to satisfy each other. Thank you so much!

There Are Two Parts In Mantra Gym: Theory & Practice

Part One – Theory Of Sexuality

erectile dysfunction causes

Let’s me revealing some secrets to boost your sex life. I’ve been seeing men every day about their sex matters, the downside, and the upside. To avoid the downside happening on you too soon, you guys MUST learn from me…

  • Males and females sharing common G-spots locations. There are 5 G-spots in women and 4 G-spots in men. Wang has named these as “Y-zone g-spots”
  • Male and female orgasms originate from the same three sources. Maya Wang has named these “The Three Levels of Orgasm (Ejaculation)”
  • The best method to prevent premature ejaculation is… use “Mantra Delaying Cords (MDC)” to control (delay) ejaculation to achieve long-lasting intercourse and Multiple-orgasms. (This technique brings men to control their ejaculation)
  • Achieving Multiple-ejaculations by stimulating the prostate and “Y-zone G-spots”. (This brings men’s sexual state from a new horizon to a “Full Body Orgasm” experience)
  • A new intercourse position called “Maya Bliss”. From this position both male and female can stimulate each other’s G-spots at the same time (while all The Three Levels are involved for the highest sexual sensations), immersing the two in one
  • “Why some men ejaculate too fast?” My answers that are collected from the stories of thousands of males who experienced failures
  • Why some men find it difficult to ‘finish’? Occasionally some men have difficulty sustaining an erection and ejaculating. I give the reasons that they fail most of the time and how to overcome the problem
  • “How does my size compare?” Every man cares about the size of their penis. I have the answers for men with smaller-than-normal genitalia. There are solutions for these individuals to boost their sexual confidence
  • Hot sexual topics like Decreasing Libido, Erectile Dysfunction, Circumcision, Vasectomy and Personal Hygiene… are all covered in the book

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Part Two – iGym

premature ejaculation meaning

Stop your boring and mechanical masturbation. Practice iGym by touching yourself in your untouched zone by techniques for knowing yourself completely and then for your partner. To give your partner an unforgettable right touching, you MUST know the right spots of her (even him). Real models can be seen exercising their genitals and prostates in 10 courses. They demonstrate “iGym” with the basic skills from my Manhood Massage sessions. These professional skills are illustrated with 48 photographs of male reproductive systems, demonstrating how to exercise every inch of the manhood region and prostate. Lessons include: stimulating and awakening the inactive parts of the manhood, making the blood flow extremely smooth so that sufficient blood is gathered together for the erection. The technique enhances sexual ability from arousal to prostate ejaculation that leads to Full Body Orgasm. The “iGym” exercises assist with:

  • Engorged and long lasting erections, to prevent Erectile Dysfunction
  • Exercises to grow penis size naturally
  • Control ejaculation, exactly knowing how to stop ejaculation in order to achieve multiple-orgasms and prevent Premature Ejaculation
  • Stimulating the penis, Y-zone G-spots and prostate to reach ejaculation on The Third Level for the Full Body Orgasm experience
  • Always achieving the final ejaculation on the Second or Third Level that enriches sexual enjoyment over the First Level than males normally achieve; this ejaculation creates a high variety orgasmic feelings that can be achieved from each ejaculation
  • Naturally increased sperm count, quality, production and motility for improving male fertility
  • Exercise to prevent prosate enlage and cancer

These exercises give the reproductive system proper care. This can be compared to guys working out in a gym to build a healthy and sexy body; without missing any single part of the body. This completes that missing piece to a complete, full-body workout.
I refer to males with the “iGym” skills as iGym Guys.
There has never been a book like Mantra Gym!

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The Benefits Of Practicing Mantra Gym Are…

  • Knowledge about how to separate Orgasm from Ejaculation for achieving Multiple-orgasms and Multiple-ejaculations, it will lead to gain Full Body Orgasm experience-the greatest orgasm on The Third Level.
  • For achieving new sexual sensation from The Source of Second Level and Third Level
  • Improved sensual sensation, self-control ability, erection, stamina and prolonged intercourse
  • Improved sexual skills, knowledge to gain sensual confidence
  • Decreased aging and rejuvenation
  • Help for Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation
  • Natural way for Penis Enlargement
  • Used as a regular body massage and gym work out, Mantra Gym is good for your body’s blood circulation, detoxing, de-stress and relaxation
  • To prevent an enlarged and swollen prostate, reduce prostate cancer rate in the early stage
  • Unrestricted urination, improve urine function
  • Fuel for your sexual abilities and sexual energy to power forward your sexual adventures and challenge your limits
  • Masturbation with sexual care, you are under maintenance
  • Increased sperm count and quality, increased pregnancy rate.
Test Name September 2012 November 2013 7 July 2014
Volume 4.1cc (cubic centimeters) 5.1cc (cubic centimeters) 5.3cc (cubic centimeters)
Sperm Morphology 6% 13% 16.3%
Viscosity +1.9, with liquefaction complete within 10 – 30 minutes +1, with liquefaction complete within 10 – 30 minutes +1, with liquefaction complete within 10 – 30 minutes
pH Level 7.7 7.4 7.3
Sperm Count 20.1 million total sperm per cc. (20.1 x 10^6) 41 million total sperm per cc. (41 x 10^6) 45.2 million total sperm per cc. (45.2 x 10^6)
Motility 78% 85% 87%
Progression +2.8 +3.4 +3.7
White Blood Cells 4.9 5.0 5.0

    The Best Natural Male Infertility Treatment

    This is the summary of Sperm Analysis Reports from a sperm donor who has had my Mantra Therapy approximately twice a month since October 2012. The gentleman is 51 years old in 2014. His latest sperm report showed the sperm count had increased from a normal average of 20.1 million per milliliter to an improved 45.2. That is the same as a 25-year-old boy. What a miracle!!!

    This same individual has since donated his sperm to two ladies for their pregnancy at age 52. I can do that, and so do you. You need to follow the iGym step-by-step guide to practice… It’s much more efficient and safer than medicine.

    In 2017, I had a customer with male infertility. His sperm count was 10 million per milliliter. After he had six sessions with me for three months, his sperm count was increased to 16 million per milliliter. Although it’s still a bit lower than the standard 20, it’s improving with my Mantra Therapy. iGym is the same technique that I use every day. I can do it, SO DO YOU! Do it yourself any time, like you work out in the gym room. You may increase your spam quality while also boosting your sexuality… what a perfect exercise! 

    The book also provides many other insights to guide everyone in a new sexual direction and gain many other benefits. Practice Mantra Gym RIGHT NOW for an ecstatic sexual journey by yourself or with your partner… Get the book to get started RIGHT NOW!

    Don’t buy Mantra Gym, if your answers to my questions are “Yes…”

    • Do you know why you ejaculate so much faster than you expect to?
    • Do you know why your partner is not interested in bedding you?
    • Do you know exactly where the woman’s 5 G-spots are located? Or that men have 4 G-spots?
    • Do you know how to exercise manhood with A FEW professional techniques to gain high sensation while also boosting your sexual abilities?
    • Do you know how to delay your ejaculation for achieving Multiple-orgasms and Multiple-ejaculations? And even more up for Full Body Orgasm Experience?
    • Do you know why you are hard to get ejaculation? And what’s the solution?
    • Have you learned some new sex tricks lately to seduce your partner?

    If your answer is “No, I don’t know.“ You need Mantra Gym!

    Buy a copy now to get answers to these questions and many more… Explore your sensual side. It will change your sexual life GREATER!

    During the Last Decade, I dedicated myself to discovering our sexual abilities more than we knew. I’d Love To Share My Extraordinary Wisdom With The World.

    Being served so many customs daily, there are many encouraging stories around me.

    I have also helped so many customers with their issues with Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, and many more. 

    I have collected their feedback time by time for more than fifteen years. 

    Simply put, our body is capable of multiple pleasures that are out of our imagination and also to delay sexuality degeneration.

    Let me show you the techniques I use every day on clients to achieve their 90-100% sexual capacity and boost sexuality to last longer in bed!


    So Many Secrets In One Book. Can’t Find Elsewhere

    • There are 4 G-spots in men and 5 in women
    • How to stop, pause, delay ejaculation by 4 methods
    • Male and female Orgasms are from three sources
    • Step-by-step guide for man to excise manhood by 10 courses with live models
    • How to make Double-orgasms and Triple-orgasms for Females
    • How to make Multiple-ejaculations (Dry-ejaculation) by stimulating the Prostate
    • Self-controlled ejaculation by using Mantra Delaying Cords (MDC) for achieving Multiple-orgasms and a protracted love making
    • Why some Males have their ejaculation happening so fast
    • Why some Males have more difficulty achieving orgasm and with the solution
    • And many other hot sensual topics like Penis Size, Circumcision, Hygienic, Vasectomy and much more…

    Mantra Gym Helps Many People More Than My Expectations

    It’s my first time I made my wife squirting by used the Y-zone G-spots!


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